We can help your organization in all the lifecycle of a blockchain project: Awareness > Assessment > Research > Implementation

Awareness – What is this technology?
  • Blockchain webinars – One hour remote overview of blockchain in both technical and business aspects
  • Blockchain workshops – eight hours remote interactive sessions, customized for your organization
  • Blockchain training – one to five days remote customized blockchain training for your organization
Assessment – Is this blockchain valuable for my organization?
  • In just one day we can do an assessment to decide if your organization really needs blockchain or other technology instead
Research – Show me something

In this stage we can deliver to your organization:

  • In this stage we can deliver to your organization:
  • Blockchain white paper – a document that outlines the technical aspects of the blockchain technology in order to achieve your organization goals
  • Blockchain PoC – A Proof of Concept of your blockchain project
Implementation – Lets Go!

We are not an IT integrator nor a software company so we don’t do implementation, maintenance or evolution projects. However we can assist you in these stages.