About Us

Our Story

To Be Blockchain is a brand of Um Dom Digital, an IT company founded in 1997 in Guarda, Portugal.

Um Dom Digital started as an Internet service provider and a digital agency. We were also a triple Salesforce partner (Consulting, ISV and Foundation) from 2003 until 2017 achieving Salesforce Gold Partner status. We sold the Salesforce business unit in 2018 to focus exclusively in innovating in decentralized technologies.

For a better world

At To Be Blockchain we believe blockchain is building a better world, promoting equality among citizens, creating new marketplaces and platforms, improving businesses, allowing innovation and launching a new Internet, the Internet of Value.

We believe in globalized world where everybody has access to the best technology and has control over their data.

We also believe in a globalized world where companies have the responsibility to help build a better world, doing a new kind of capitalism, more responsible, sustainable and with solidarity.

Most of the products we list here are open source / free. The services we offer have discounted prices for non profit organizations.